Customer Care is Our #1 Priority
Customer Care is Our #1 Priority


Vinyl Manufacturing & Supply

The distinguishing characteristic about Blockout Vinyl is to address the block out images in the best fashion, on the opposite direction or picture washout, because of the shading at the rear end of the sign. The resistive reflective vinyl manufacture needs a perfect process of manufacturing. SF Plastic holds the ability to provide the best quality block out vinyl at the best price. View More View Less

As the name suggests, high performance cut vinyl is specifically made for challenging applications. SM Plastic being an experienced house understands the standards necessary for these types of vinyl manufacture. Being qualitatively high-end, these can be easily processed. Moreover, the weeding characteristics of this vinyl are incredibly good. High-performance vinyl can be smoothly cut as well for customized designs. 1.Using our advanced production unit, we offer a wide range of superior quality Reflective Vinyl. Our Reflective Vinyl is produced in complete sync, abiding by the universal quality norms. It is highly demanded in the market and offers wide usability. Our in-house adept professionals manufacture our Reflective Vinyl by leveraging advanced, ultra-contemporary techniques. They are light in weight, resistant to abrasion, and feature superior finish.(reflective vinyl) 2.The superior repositionability of SLX Cast Wrap + FLITE Technology™ provides a long-term bond where it counts: deep channels, complex curves, and rivets. (SLX CAR Wrap Kit) View More View Less

When it comes about heat transfer vinyl, SM Plastic is always the most reliable name. These types of vinyl are the specialty vinyl mostly used on specific kind of fabric to prepare customized designs and promotional things. We at SF Plastic being a reputed name for vinyl supply can provide you with the best quality vinyl with an adhesive back that can be easily put on the desired surface for heat application. View More View Less

When it comes about generating optimum class vinyl graphics for a special purpose, intermediate cut vinyl is indeed the most preferred ones. To be specific, these materials are highly preferred for generating quality vinyl wall graphics on cutting devices. To witness the best class of intermediate cut vinyl, you can stop at SF Plastic. We can provide you with the best class of these materials. View More View Less

Distinguishing characteristics of the paint mask is that these are the specifically designed films in a customized way; mostly those make use of detachable adhesive products. Naturally, these types of vinyl manufacturing demand special standards. SF Plastic can provide Paint masks in different color options. Earlier these products were manufactured of white color only. However, through a renowned supplier like SM Plastic, one can use different other editions as well. View More View Less

WE are supplies high quality reflective vinyl sheets, the best way reflective vinyl can be distinguished from the others is through the non-luminous characteristics. In general, the characteristics of these types of vinyl are not witnessed in regular sunny conditions. Rather, these are purposefully made to get highlighted easily during the evening upon being struck with usual sources of lights. SM Plastic can be the one-stop destination for the best quality reflective vinyl. View More View Less

In simple terms, cut vinyl is defined as the kind of cast vinyl, those are cut and given desired shape without any kind of print on it. Specialty cut vinyl is the most preferred recommendations when it comes about the strategic design transfer. In these cases, best quality poly stock along adhesive at one end, being put over the printed sticker is used for ensuring greater security. SF Plastic is known for these best quality vinyl supplies of these kinds. View More View Less

The prime purpose behind using the cast vinyl is due to the endurance it assures about. Being a renowned name in the vinyl manufacturing arena, we can provide you with the best quality cast vinyl. Strategic manufacturing plays a huge role in lengthening endurance of these products. SF Plastic using the best quality raw material assures best quality output. View More View Less

Translucent vinyl is known for its supreme level of performance. These are comparatively much flexible. Characteristics of such make these the perfect choices for high-end vinyl wall graphics applications. To be specific, those involving flexibly backlit are preferred more in this context. SF Plastic can be the one-stop destination for the best and most updated quality translucent vinyl products. View More View Less