Customer Care is Our #1 Priority
Customer Care is Our #1 Priority



Aluminum composite panel is known for its high-end strength and endurance. This is the reason that these materials are highly used for the rigorous applications at industrial sectors. Weight withstanding capacities of these panels are extremely good as well. We at SF Plastic provide the best quality aluminum composite panel. We maintain the ultimate standard for making the best quality of these panels. View More View Less

Corrugated plastic sheets are highly useful and are used with many applications. In general, these are made up of three layers. There remains a couple of flat layer along with the corrugated central layer. It is also often touted as the twin wall plastic as primarily a couple of layers are witnessed. From application perspectives, it is also referred to as the corrugated plastic board. View More View Less

The explicit kind of substrate, in which as per the desired application size, the size of the substrate, and the distinctive layer, special magnetic arrangement can be made to provide a desired regularity on the substrate. The level of equivalence is replicated in accordance with the magnetic field size. SM Plastic being a reputed manufacturer of magnetic substrate substances can provide the best quality of these products. View More View Less

We are MDO plywood suppliers, MDO which is also known as the medium density overlay panel is primarily a surface that can be painted and is made using the best quality plywood. Plywood used with MDO plywood is known for its weather resistive resin cover joined with the wood through the desired level of heat and pressure. In these coverings, there remain a minimum of 27% resin ingredient and is known for its water resistive characteristics. View More View Less

When it comes about providing glossier touch to the structural letters those are made in your shop, there is no better recommendation than Trim cap. At the same time, it is known for its ability to smooth applying of accent shade, brightness, intensity, and constructional strength, and worth to the desired product. SF Plastic can be the exclusive platform for the best quality trim cap. View More View Less