Customer Care is Our #1 Priority
Customer Care is Our #1 Priority


Foam Substrates

We offer a wide range of superior quality and top notch Foam boards that are widely used for many different purposes. Our foam boards are uniquely designed with the advanced techniques and feature excellent properties including smooth finish and light weight. These Foam boards are used in furniture, shelves, wardrobes, shutter cabinets, chairs & tables, cladding & paneling, doors, framing, and modular furnishings. View More View Less

We offer an extensive range of superior quality and top notch High Density Urethane boards. Our HDU boards are widely used for Thermoforming, tool proofing, sculptures, pattern making, carvings, model masking, soft tooling, and prototype machining. Our HDU boards are environment friendly and highly durable. They do not peel, rot, or crack. They can be easily machined or cut. View More View Less

INFINITY® is a 100% styrene, bendable board which can be printed, shipped flat, then cold bent to set up into a 3D presentation, or even wrapped around a pole. INFINITY® weighs 22% less, making it lighter to handle, lighter to ship! INFINITY® is made with a proprietary digital grade styrene surface which eliminates post production cleaning or any additional preparation prior to printing which increases printing speed, efficiency and profits. View More View Less

Order bulk quantity of Ultraboard for your shop from leading SF Plastic and Sign Supply firm. UltraBoard Classic foam core boards are our most popular and versatile products. UltraBoard Classic consists of a polystyrene foam core board between two rigid sheets of polystyrene. View More View Less